Hitting a Wall | Episode 3

In a metaphorical sense, hitting the wall is defined by the Cambridge Dictionary as “reaching a point when you are running, exercising, playing sports, etc. where you are so physically tired you feel you cannot continue.” Now I don’t do sports, so I’m adopting the term for the blogging medium. I’ve hit the wall with blogging. And I’m hitting it hard.

I have never been one to compare my blog to any other blog. In fact, I’ve never been one to compare myself to anyone else – even when others have. However, recently that seems to be changing. There are many factors that may contribute to this: a higher consumption of sugar and caffeine that leads to an increase in anxiety, loss of passion, stress from University assignments, or a lack of certainty about my future. Who knows, it could be all of the above.

But it’s starting to have an effect on my motivation. I see the number of views/likes on a post and then compare them to the views/likes on a similar blog and it’s starting to get me down. I’ve been blogging on a mostly scheduled basis – with the occasional hiatus – since February 2016. And while I’m incredibly happy for every blogger that builds an audience and gets hundreds of views and comments, I wish I was one of them.

I understand that it takes time. But I see sites that have been around for the same amount as mine, sites with hundreds of followers, and I keep asking myself “what am I doing wrong?” Probably nothing. Possibly everything.

I’m not writing this to be all “SHOW ME LOVE NOW!!”. This is just a thought that has been on my mind a little bit over the past few weeks. It’s something that hits every writer, Youtuber, creative mind at some point. And I know that some people only wish to read certain types of content, like Book Reviews. But, because I am either reading books incredibly slowly, or reading books that came out years and years ago and have been reviewed to death, I haven’t been releasing many reviews.

So, I’m hitting a wall, finding it difficult to muster enough motivation to create new and engaging content as a result of some slight insecurities. Nothing major.

I wish I could promise that I will leave this funk behind and begin creating ‘better’ content. But I can’t. I’ve made promises in the past regarding blogging goals and have failed to follow through.

While this won’t indefinitely stop me from making posts, I think it would be a good idea for me to step back and brainstorm. I would love for my posts to have more to them, more time dedicated to research and design, instead of publishing under-whelming pieces.

Devon 🙂

Asexuality | Episode 2

At this point, I’m not certain whether or not I have discussed my sexuality on this blog. It’s been over a year since I started posting, so it’s likely to have popped up once or twice. However, for the longest time, I have been plucking up the ‘courage’ – for lack of a better word – to talk about who I am and how I identify in a proper post.

Previously, on a post regarding how to be productive while lacking motivation, I mentioned my mental health, a topic I found quite straightforward to describe. But, sexuality, for me personally, it a trickier concept to talk about as you can’t rely on the science behind it.

Luckily, I’m learning how to, not so much explain, but educate those around me as to what being Asexual means. The more I become confident and comfortable discussing my asexuality, the more relaxed I feel when I have to educate new people. After all, I recognise that certain people don’t have access to the same information, or haven’t researched the topic as extensively as I have. Continue reading “Asexuality | Episode 2”

The Return | Episode 1


I’m back posting! Thank you for your patience as I took a step back from blogging in order to focus on my University work. Unfortunately, this will likely be something that happens a few times a year, as deadlines pile up and my sanity dwindles. However, not to fear, as these breaks will allow me to develop new ideas and discussion posts for you to enjoy – alongside ensuring I don’t burn myself out.

While away, I decided that the current aesthetic of the blog will stay, for now – it’s clean, light, and has all the features I think it needs. However, if you have any suggestions on what you would like to see, any features or decorations, just share them down below. I’m always happy to receive feedback on everything I post here.

I have a long list of post ideas for the next few months, including discussions regarding sexuality, diversity, and mental health, reviews of the newest YA releases, guides for the perfect night in, author appreciation posts, and much more. So I hope you keep your eye out for all of them.

Also, I’m starting a series of posts called “Episodes” where I talk about life, reading habits, slumps, binges, and other life bits and bobs. Where others Vlog, I blog. This series of posts will allow me to keep a record of my life in a way. I’ll be posting bi-monthly (once a fortnight) on a Monday.

Additionally, I am going to stop posting about games. In all honesty, my game posts are my least popular posts. Plus, whenever I use a Friday posting slot to publish a Gaming post, I feel as if I am wasting a slot that could have gone to a book or life discussion post. Maybe in the future I will return to game related content, perhaps when I have more to discuss. However, for now, those posts are gone.

I look forward to the upcoming months of blogging as University slowly winds down, giving way into a Summer of Readathons,  new releases, and sunny weather to relax in.

What are your thoughts? Leave your opinion down below!