New Website

Hi guys!

So, I’ve started my new website *finally*. It’s still being worked on, I need to add more posts and do a bit more with the design. But, for now, it’s up and available to follow!

My site is: thechippedteapot.weebly.comĀ 

I won’t be posting on a scheduled basis as I want to have a more relaxed blogging life…plus, I’m still at University, so it helps to have a low maintenance set up.

However, I am quite active on the BooksAmino app now, so if you wish to talk about books and take part in polls, my username is: Devon Louise.

So….there we go. HowesBooks has officially come to an end. I’ll take down this site pretty soon, so make sure to follow me on the site and app mentioned above.

Have a lovely week.



Just A Heads Up

Hey Everyone,

So, I know I said that I would likely return to blogging in June. Well, that didn’t happen. Instead, I have decided to start fresh over on another platform with a site that would not only feature a blog, but a portfolio of my online written work as well.

The site is currently under development. I am taking my time so that I may get it right and create a product that I can be happy with. To be completely candid, I do not have the money required to pay for a Premium WordPress account, however the customisation tools on the free account are far too limiting. This is why I’ll be moving to the Weebly platform.

When my new site is complete, I will share my new link address with you. This will later be followed by the privatisation of this site, meaning the content will no longer be available for viewing. Although, most of the content accumulated since this blogs inception has since been trashed as it no longer represents the topics I wish to discuss.

Thank you for your patience.