19 Things I’ve Learnt in 19 Years

It was my birthday yesterday, so I thought it would be nice to recap some of the most essential lessons and tidbits I have learnt during my 19 years on this planet. I’ve seen quite a few of these posts over the years and love how they help pass on key life lessons to younger readers.

So, here I am. I hope you find these lessons helpful (I know other people’s posts have certainly  helped me in the past). And, feel free to share the most important things YOU have learnt in the comments below.

Everything is temporary.

School. Temporary. That part-time job you hate. Temporary. The small room you live in that doesn’t get enough sunlight. Temporary. If you’re not happy with your current situation, you have the ability to change it whenever you want, into whatever you want. While that may unsettle some, it’s comforting to others. I adore change, and get antsy when things don’t change for a long time.

There is no better stress relief than blasting your music and dancing.

Load up Spotify, open a random dance playlist, and turn the volume up. Or if you prefer something slower, find that, blast it, dance in slow motion.

Equally, Cleaning is therapy.

Need to clear your head? Clean your bedroom, take out the bins, wash your pots. This is a more recently learnt tidbit that has helped massively. Also, if you’re struggling to do some really important piece of work, go think as you clean.

Wash your bedding every other week.

Trust me, it helps.

Declutter on a regular basis.

Hand in hand with the cleaning point: If you need to declutter your brain, declutter your home.

Make organisation a habit.

Use that calendar on your phone, organise your bookcase by colour or author’s last name, prepare tomorrow’s school bag or work the night before. This simple little habit will save you so much time in the future.

Your parents don’t know everything.

This is a tricky one to expand upon. But all I will say is that, your parents probably did not take the route in life that you are going to take.

This is your life, so don’t let anyone dictate what you do with it.

Do what you want to do. There is no point in spending time doing something you are not passionate about just because someone else wants you to do that. You are not alive to please other people. Do the things that please you. And don’t let people talk you out of trying something new, moving to a different city, changing your job, if that is something you think will be right for you.

Introduce life into your home.

Whether you buy yourself flowers every week or have some cacti or succulents, having a plant in your home livens things up. It’ll teach you about responsibility as you must ensure the survival of that plant. Plus, they brighten up any room.

If you wish to be good at something, begin practising.

You want to be able to play the piano? Start practising. And, if it turns out you’re not that into it, that’s fine. Try a bunch of different things until you find something you are passionate about. You may find the perfect hobbies or skills key to your future career.

Keep learning.

If you ever think to yourself, ‘oh, I don’t know much about that thing’, use the internet and learn about it. Not only will it keep your brain actively developing, but it also allows you to built up brilliant conversation topics.

Everything works out in the end.

A lesson I keep in mind every-time I don’t get a job that I applied for: Better things are around the corner and the universe is keeping your options open so you may embrace them when they happen.

Your relationship status does not define you.

You don’t need a romantic partner to be valid or loved.

You are not defined by your shape and size.

Instead, you are defined by your character and personality. And anyone who judges you or comments on your shape and size are not worth your time.

But, if there is something about yourself that you are not happy with, work to change that.

Too quick to judge people? Change those negative judgements into positive ones. Instead of looking at someone and mentally taking note of a flaw, focus on how amazing their hair is, or how their shoes perfectly tie together their entire outfit. If you notice any toxic habits or traits you may have, it’s always good to actively address them and work at improving upon them.

Drop any toxic people in your life.

Don’t surround yourself with people who drag you down, people who are constantly negative, or people who zap your energy every time you hang out with them. If the relationship you have is more toxic than good, drop it.

Same with books. Don’t waste time reading books you don’t like.

Your TBR is massive! Don’t spend time reading books you don’t like when there are so many amazing ones waiting for you to open them up.

Visit the dentist regularly.

 Take care of your teeth. You need them for life. However, also remember that not everyone can have pearly white teeth. In fact, whitening treatments can do more damage than good a lot of the time. So, just visit your dentist for a regular clean and check up and all will be good.

Lastly, the most recent thing I’ve learnt: It’s okay to cry.

As a teenager, I wasted a lot of my time crying and always felt ashamed afterwards. But what you need to remember is that, it’s okay to cry. Just make sure you take care of yourself afterwards (drink loads of water, wash your face, have something to eat if you can) and never cry for the same reason again.

What are some important lessons you have learnt during your time on this planet? Share them down below!


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