Last Minute Bookworm Gift Guide | Blogmas Day 7

It’s Blogmas Day 7, so I thought I would share some simple little gifts that any bookworm would love. These are all gifts that you can easily find at your local supermarket, and they are inexpensive as well. Bookworms are easy to buy for as we are very low maintenance. All we ask for is simple comforts to enhance our reading environment.

A Book (duh)

Every bookworm has a list of all the books they want. And every birthday, Christmas, Easter, or any other celebration that includes gifts, that list will be referred to. So, if you are buying for a bookworm, always remember to ask what books they want. Because chances are they will have an answer prepared.

A Blanket

In the bitter winter months there is nothing better than wrapping yourself in a blanket, and curling up in front of a fire with a good book.

A Mug

We readers, for the most part, enjoy hot drinks. And of course, we need something to hold those hot drinks in. Plus, a cute mug is always a nice decorative tool or book mark holder when it’s not filled with tea.


Snacks are always a welcome gift as they fuel us while we read. Also, by giving us food, you are making it so that our reading is not interrupted by the need to visit the kitchen for food.

Any snacks are fine! But, why not try out some of the recipes from my blog? Below is a list of all the delicious recipes currently featured on my blog!

Slipper Socks or Cute Socks

If you follow any Bookstagmmers you’ll have probably seen #Socksunday. This tag showcases reader’s love for comfy indoor footwear with beautiful details and an inner lining of fur. Slipper socks are essential in the winter, especially if you have hardwood floors. Plus, they fit well into the ideal reading in front of the fire image most readers have.

Sorry for this post being late! I thought I had already finished it and when I found out I hadn’t I was too busy to work on it.

Come back tomorrow for another Blogmas post!


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