Four Houses by Victoria Scott

Four Houses
by Victoria Scott

My rating: 4/5 stars

Four Houses

Four Houses is presented in reverse order, with the ending of the story taking place at the beginning. This narrative structure may not have been essential, but it was effective. The main question surrounding the narrative is “How did she get here? And where is here?”, and this is kind of answered towards the end. It’s a unique twist on the typical narrative structure, as, if it was told chronologically, we would have been questioning which house the main character would choose.

I found the ending slightly disappointing as it was left quite open, there was no definitive explanation behind the events of the story, and the ‘explanation’ we received was not what I had expected – I expected a fantasy element to be introduced, however, it wasn’t.

The story primarily focuses on the sense of touch. The tactile feel of items and the world, which created a sensual atmosphere. This is reinforced by the lack of dialogue, as it allows for a fuller description without being pulled out by the dialogue. I have never read anything quite like this, I don’t think anything has ever created such an engaging and enveloping atmosphere in my experience.

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