Bookstagram Recommendations

Instagram is my favourite social media platform, but my photos are not the greatest. So, I like to appreciate the hard work and dedication some bookstagrammers put into their snaps. Below, is a list of Bookstagram accounts that you should definitely check out, especially if you love seeing gorgeous photos of your favourite reads!

First of all, I would like to thank all of these lovely ladies for allowing me to use their amazing photos on this post. Please, always remember to ask permission when using something that is not yours.

Emile over @Forthelove_ofbooks


Emile clearly loves her cacti as they are featured in many of her photos. Also, the brown surface below her books is a staple of her images, making them quite unique as many people tend to use a white background – the brown background also allows for a more rustic feel. Her captions always tell you a bit about herself and what the books featured in the photo means to her. Emile posts a new image every couple of days.

Ziba Artystone over @Ziba.reads

Ziba tends to post every day or so and typically includes a question in her caption to encourage viewer discussions in the comments. Her photos typically have a clear background, which allows the books and surrounding objects to take centre stage. Every post is aesthetically pleasing.

Sarah over @Booksfortea

Booktube: Booksfortea

Sarah’s bookstagram is the first bookish Instagram account I followed when I made my account. This lady is from germany and hosts a Booktube channel alongside her bookstagram. I adore Sarah’s photos because of their simplicity. All she adds is a few candles and a bunch of flowers and maybe some ornaments and they turn out fantastic.

Emily over @Dreamstopaper

Again with simplicity. Sometimes it is the best way, and Emily has mastered it. A bright white background, a book or two, a few simple trinkets and maybe a cuddly cat, that’s a sure way for an amazing photo. Emily posts every now and again, and, like Ziba, features a question within her caption for everyone to discuss in the comments.

Fiderly over @Readsleepfangirl


Fiderly is always active on Instagram stories, where she presents behind the scenes videos and photos, unboxings and bookshelf tours. She posts on a daily basis, and represents a few other accounts on Instagram. Fiderly’s photos vary in style, however, they are always vibrant and eye-catching.

Amity over @Bookfandistrict

Amity is a declared Hufflepuff, and her love for Harry Potter is evident upon one glance at her profile. She posts every few days and keeps her captions short and sweet. Amity recently hit 5,000 followers and is planning to host a giveaway soon – so definitely keep an eye on her profile.

I love recommending accounts as it is always nice to bring light to someone’s hard work. I am likely to create another one of these lists in the future, recognising more amazing bookstagram/nstagram accounts or maybe even some blogs that I read.

On a more personal note, I am moving to University tomorrow. I am slightly terrified, while also ecstatic. It will be like a fresh beginning, something I have wanted for a while, so I cannot wait to begin this new chapter in my life. I will likely create a post discussing my thoughts on University after I have spent some time there; I am also drafting a post about ‘Embracing Change’, which will be influenced by my move to University and will discuss why change is a good thing, even if it seems hard.

Do you have any recommended accounts? Leave a comment down below!


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