Bout of Books 17 | Wrap Up

Oh failure, my all but too familiar friend. Maybe it is time you take up permanent residence in my life?

The Bout of Books Readathon has come to a close and I find myself deflated and disappointed in the reading I did this week. I wish I could conjure up some excuse as to why I only read Rainbow Rowell’s short, Kindred Spirits, and 74 pages of Clockwork Angel. Alas, I cannot even do that.

I would like to say that I was being so productive doing other things, that reading was my lowest priority, however that was not the case. Aside, from the constant panic clouding my mind regarding University, there has not been any activity that has stopped me from reading – or does Netflix count as an activity?

Again, I must reintroduce Septa Unella, the Game of Thrones’ lady with the bell.


I most likely will not take part in another Readathon for quite a while. I was scheduled to partake in October’s Fright Fall Readathon, however it takes place during one of my first weeks at University, which will be quite a hectic period.

How did you find the Bout of Books 17 Readathon? Leave a comment down below!


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