Where to Get Cheaper/Free Books

Apologies for not posting over the last two weeks, exam season has involved quite a bit of revision this year, therefore I have not had the time to create content. But, Summer has now begun, meaning I should be able to post every Saturday as scheduled.

Now, here is some advice on how to acquire cheaper, or even free, books.

If you are searching for inexpensive books, stay away from places such as WHSmiths and Waterstones. I understand the temptation to visit, moosy around the bookshop and appreciate the books as they are lovingly categorised in gorgeous floor to ceiling bookcases, however, the major downfall is that the books are sold at full retail price – which is not brilliant for a student on a budget. I only recommend visiting  these places if you have a voucher in hand, to ensure that you aren’t spending all your money.

Check your local supermarkets, like Asda and Tesco for those in the UK. Although it is rare for them to have new releases, especially in the young adult section, they typically have a stock of popular reads. The majority of fiction novels are only £3.85 each, and are on an offer of 2 for £7, however, this excludes hardback books.

Give Amazon or The Book Depository a chance if you don’t mind waiting to receive  books in the post. While The Book Depository has free delivery, Amazon enables free delivery on book orders over £10. If you are bulk buying, I suggest you utilize amazon as they will send your entire order out in one box, whereas, The Book Depo is fantastic for singular book buying as they don’t box up books, they will package and send each item in an order separately. I often use The Book Depo as a result of its free international delivery, however, if you use them, I recommend overlooking the estimated delivery time for your order as orders often arrive later than expected. Amazon, on the other hand, typically deliver when estimated. They also have fantastic offers on ebooks – although if you search well enough online you are able to find ebooks for free.

If you are in the market for extra cheap books and you are not concerned about the condition of the copy, search your local charity shops. The money goes to a good cause and you get a book for as cheap as 50p.  Or utilize your local library, either by renting physical copies, or ebooks and audiobook by using the Overdrive app.img_0717  Overdrive is a fantastic way to listen to audiobooks without paying the hefty fee that traditionally accompanies them, although the selection isn’t massive, it generally has a decent range of genres to choose from. I have mainly been using the app to reread the Harry Potter series as Stephen Fry is such an amazing narrator. Note: The app does require you to log into your local library account to access their selection of books to borrow – so if you don’t have a library account, I suggest you make one!

Those are my tips for acquiring cheap, or even free, books. If you have more tips, feel free to share them down below. 


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