The End – Dewey’s Readathon | April 2016

The 24 hour Readathon has come to a close, I hope you all had a fun time – I certainly did. Here is what I got up to during the 24 hours:

img_0610 Page read: 336

  • Lorien Legacies: Lost Files: The Fugitive – 100 pages
  • Journey’s End – 100 pages
  • Fables: Legends in Exile – 136 pages

I’m a pretty slow reader so I feel that 336 pages is a good amount, and probably close to the number of pages I read back in October for the last readathon. I looked back at my Instagram from the October readathon and noticed that Fables: Legends in Exile was in my last tbr pile for the Dewey’s readathon, however I read manga instead, so I am happy I finally got to read it.

This time around I spent quite a lot of my time chatting with other readers on Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr, taking part in challenges, and eating lots of snacks. I had so much fun chatting with everyone, finding what they were reading, how much progress they had made, what they were munching on to keep them fueled, etc. I was defiantly more active on social media during this readathon, although I did disappear for a while when life got in the way – that was a pity as the sense of community was overwhelming, with the cheerleaders cheering,people discussing their tbr piles, entering challenges, and overall having a fantastic time. Sadly, I didn’t win any challenges or prizes, but I am so happy for those who did!



How did your Readathon experience go? Did you win any prizes? Did you overdose on snacks?


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